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My name is Zombiestar and I'm a queer artist from the American Southwest. Once this site is a bit more polished I intend to use it as my main internet home, both to share my art and for personal use. Safe travels fellow web surfer.


Site & Life Updates

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Date Content
12/08/23 I fixed the lightbox issue and added some more information to the gallery page. I've also started coding the basic zine page. Once I have all my basic art pages up I'm going to start on the graphics to give this place a little more personality.
11/29/23 Art gallery added. I need to figure out the lightbox still, but all of my illustrations have been added to the page.
11/28/23 This site went neglected for some time while I delt with some meat-space changes. Now that I'm getting settled again I'm really excited to be returning to this site. I've also recently adopted a kitten. Much of this site's code has been written with him asleep in my arms. Now that the basic version of the Observatory is up I plan to focus on setting up the rest of my art pages. I also have some overly complicated plans for graphics, but I'll have to teach myself how to make them before I can set about decorating my pages. If you see a bunch of spelling errors no you don't <3 -- Zombiestar

To-Do List

  • Make Sidebar Responsive
  • Adjust art room layout
  • create front page graphics and arrange
  • add Zine page
  • Creative interactive planetary map for Observatory